Chill Pipe - Ceramic Lined Vacuum Insulated Beaker

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This tough little beaker waterpipe bong provides a unique experience for the user by combining metal, ceramic, and glass. The Metal body makes it rugged and durable, so you don't have to worry about breaking it if it drops. The ceramic lining helps to produce a smooth and tasty hit every time. The glass bowl is easy to clean and can be replaced with most other glass bowls. 

The coolest feature about the Chill Metal Beaker is that the "neckpiece" unscrews from the bottom stainless steel base, making it VERY easy to clean. You'll be sure to get all the gunk out of this unique water pipe. Please keep in mind, the manufacturer recommends only using ISO for cleaning. 

Features & specs. 

  • Patented, Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Base
  • Standard 9" Stainless Steel Neckpiece
  • An Unbreakable Aluminum Down Stem
  • A Borosilicate Glass Bowl Piece
  • Chill Lifetime Guarantee
  • Do not use chemical cleaners or salt - only ISO recommended

What's in the box. 

  • Chill Ceramic Lined Metal Beaker w/ Glass Bowl - Silver