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Baker Dab Vaporizer
Baker Dab Vaporizer
Baker Dab Vaporizer
Baker Dab Vaporizer
  • Baker Dab Vaporizer
  • Baker Dab Vaporizer
  • Baker Dab Vaporizer
  • Baker Dab Vaporizer

Baker Dab Vaporizer

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The VaporBlunt team went back into the lab, this time creating their first plugin unit; The Baker. Reaching temperatures up to 700 degrees, The Baker has the potential to efficiently vaporize all flower and essential oil blends effortlessly. It also has the ability to reach 370-400 degrees within 3 minutes and 700 degrees within 5 minutes. Only 4 inches tall and 5 inches wide, The Baker is very compact for a table top unit. It utilizes a ceramic heating element and stainless steel chamber for holding your material.


The front of the unit features a small digital display that shows the desired heating temperature, a dial for adjusting the temperature and an on/off switch. The Baker uses the familiar bullet containers (slightly larger size) for vaporizing your favorite dry blends, oils and concentrates. Each unit includes two of these bullets, one for dry blends and one for oils/concentrates. The top of the heating chamber has a 18mm PonG adapter that allows the user to attach their water tool or whip tubing. Have a 14mm tool? No problem. The Baker also has a 14mm PonG adapter. If you decide to use the whip system, the end of the tubing has a 14mm GonG adapter that serves as either the mouthpiece or a connector for your water tool. The Baker also includes an all-glass globe that fits over the heating element with an end to hook on the whip tubing. It also has an additional opening to dab directly onto the full metal jacket chamber.

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