AUXO Cenote Smart Rig

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The AUXO Cenote...vaporization technology at its finest. AUXO develops thoughtfully innovated vaping devices vetted by experts in the field. With sleek designs, meticulous manufacturing and advanced heating technology, AUXO offers consumers easy to use vapes for both flower and concentrates.

The AUXO Cenote is a premium portable concentrate vaporizer developed with industry leading technology and manufactured with high-quality materials. Simple, effective, and easy to use, the Cenote is an excellent choice for any consumer, from entry-level to advanced. 

Cenote’s streamlined cylindrical body is ergonomically designed for easy grip and use. The ceramic heating nail is durable, yet disposable and affordable, and is embedded with a thin metallic heating film to evenly distribute heat and deliver dense, flavorful vapor clouds. Recharge quickly via USB-C or take advantage of the convenience of wireless charging. Enjoy effortless removal and assembly of all parts making cleaning quick and easy. Choose between one of the three built-in preset sessions or use Pro Mode to personalize your experience via the AUXO Connect app to customize heat (392°-664°F), lighting effects (8 Settings) and session duration (20-90 second) preferences.  



  • Compatible with Concentrates 
  • 2000 mAh battery capacity 
  • Durable, Yet Disposable Ceramic Heating Nails 
  • 12 sessions per full charge 
  • Wireless Charging 
  • USB-C Charging Port 
  • 8 Colorful Lighting Effects with optional “Stealth Mode” 
  • Haptic Feedback 
  • Travel Case Included 
  • 5 Replaceable Ceramic Bowls Included 
  • Hand-Blown Borosilicate Glass 
  • Preheat Time: ~28 Seconds 
  • 392°-664°F Temperature Range 
  • 3 Preset Heat Settings and Customizable Pro Mode 
  • AUXO Connect App Compatible