Piranha 3 Piece Grinder - 2.5 Inch

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The 3-piece Piranha grinder will grind up your herb and leave all the goodness at the bottom to do as you wish. Great for use with a dry herb Vaporizer!

Upgrade your grinder game and don't let the price point fool you. The Piranha Grinders are true to their name with razor-sharp teeth that shred your dry herb material easily. Piranha Grinders are a go-to choice for affordability, functionality, and variety for anybody.

Available in different colors, the Piranha grinders are made with anodized metal and provide quality without overpaying. 2.5 inch is a big boy at a great price. Get your Piranha grinder at The VapeLife Store today.

How it Works. 

Put your bud between the teeth in the top compartment and close. Twist the grinder until you feel no resistance. 


  • 3-pieces.
  • Available in 2.5".
  • Different color options.
  • Razor-sharp teeth.
  • Anodized metal.

Selling Points: 

  • Offers a fine grading experience at an affordable price.
  • Piranha grinders are also available in 2 and 4-piece.

What's in the Box: 

  • 1x 3-piece 2.5 inch Piranha grinder.
  • 1x Pollen pick.
  • 1x Hemp carrying case.