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Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot Torch

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  • This Torch is PERFECT
  • Strong Adjustable Flame
  • Wear-Resistant Brass Nozzle
  • Large Refillable Tank
  • Long Usage Time Between Refills
  • 35 Minutes of Continuous 2500F Torching
  • Designed for Portability
  • Instant Piezo Crystal Ignition
  • Reliable Construction
  • Child Safety Attachment 




Higher Standards teamed with Blazer to bring you a premium edition of the legendary Big Shot Torch. Featuring a high-powered adjustable flame, this completely self-contained, refillable, and portable dab torch lets you master your dab sessions. You can extract your ideal cloud size, potency, and flavor from wax concentrates with precision. Designed for simplicity, function, and minimalism, the Higher Standards Big Shot Torch features a clean white look with a black base-plate and torch-head.


The product of precision Japanese engineering, the Big Shot Torch by Higher Standards features a piezo crystal ignition for instant lighting. A flared nozzle made of wear-resistant brass ensures reliable flame stability. Enjoy 35 minutes of continuous torching at the peak temperature (2500F). A port on the bottom of the torch allows you to seamlessly refill with butane. Included in the box is a child safety attachment and detachable base-plate for keeping the Big Shot torch stable when at rest.




The Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot Torch is safe and easy to use. Simply remove the red safety cap from the ignition and choose the lowest flame level before pressing the ignition button. Now you can adjust the flame based on your needs, all the way up to 2500F. You can easily shut off the Higher Standards torch by turning the gas dial to the "off" position.

Precision-engineered to deliver a stable, versatile, and powerful flame, the Blazer Big Shot Torch by Higher Standards offers reliable torching that can be tailored to your dabbing preferences.





  • 1 x Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot Torch
  • 1 x Child Safety Attachment
  • 1 x Detachable Base-Plate


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Dimensions:      7.81 x 4.5 x 2 in.
Weight:      0.79 lbs.