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Fury Edge SE (Slide Edition) by Healthy Rips

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The FURY EDGE SE (Slide Edition) is small and discreet - yet as powerful as they come. The FURY EDGE SE has a much larger 2300 mAh battery, giving you longer battery life and better performance than similar devices on the market. This device is excellent for stealthy use on the road with plenty of power for home use as well. Whether you take short or long draws - this little beast delivers! The Convection Technology of the FURY EDGE SE combines full hot air convection heating with a slight amount of radiant heat giving you massive vapor production from the very first draw. This unique Convection Technology gives you extremely even extraction without ever needing to stir your material. The FURY EDGE SE has a solid alloy unibody - and the isolated stainless steel & glass vapor path is ​100% food-grade for your health and safety. 


  • Convection Heating Technology
  • OLED Digital Flip Screen
  • Vibration Notifications
  • 3 Clicks On/Off
  • 1 Click Battery Check
  • Temperature Range 280°- 430°F
  • Precision Temperature Control
  • Adjustable 3-7 Minute Session Timer
  • Large 2300 mAh Battery 
  • Alloy Unibody​
  • Glass Vapor Path
  • ​Protective 'Smell' Cover ​
  • Mesh Stainless Steel Screen
  • Accessories Attachment (secures glass attachments)

Upgraded Features From The FURY EDGE V2:  
Newly Designed Sliding Mouthpiece & Accessories Attachment that Slide On and Attach with a Super Strong Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet​.

Newest Upgrades:
Adjustable Session Timer (FURY EDGE SE 3-7 Minutes)
Extended Temperature Range Between 280°- 430°F
1 Click Battery Check While Powered Off​

What's in the Box: 

1  FURY EDGE SE Device
​1  Protective 'Smell' Cover
1  Mouthpiece with Glass Vapor Path​
1  Accessories Attachment for Glass Stems
1  Glass Mouthpiece Stem (Black) 
​1  USB-C Charging Cord
1  Extra O-Ring & Screen Set
1  Cleaning Tool
1  Cleaning Brush
1  Tweezers