Big Buddy Turbo Torch

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Introducing the Big Buddy Turbo Torch by Blazer - a dual-use torch that provides a powerful 2500 degree turbo flame and a whopping continuous burn time of up to 60 minutes. This versatile torch is manufactured from high-quality materials, so whether you’re heating a titanium nail or your creme brûlée at home, The BST will get the job done. The Turbo Torch’s base is also removable, making it a great torch for hands-free work.


The Big Buddy is simple to use, just lower the child-safety switch and push in the ignition button. For more control over the flame, use the flame adjustment on the side.


Add butane as needed via the bottom port of the Big Buddy. When the fuel sounds full, the butane should be filled. The torch is likely full when the sound of the fuel entering the butane tank changes.