The DynaVap "M" Plus Is A Home Run

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The DynaVap "M" Plus Is A Home Run

What’s Not To Love About The DynaVap "M" Plus?

The new 2023 DynaVap "M" Plus comes with the best airflow of any DynaVap to date, a unique one-of-a-kind textured grip, and is capable of giving you any type of session you may desire or effect you may want to achieve while vaping your dry herb. Not to mention, you can make it your own by mixing-and-matching different parts of the device.


The New "Square-port"

George Breiwa, the founder of DynaVap and his team have comically pegged the DynaVap‘s new airport shape the “square-port“. Not only does it look great, it’s amazingly functional due to the square shape. The "square-port" is easy to feel and on the reverse side 180° from the carb, you have a tiny finger pyramid allowing you to easily find your finger position and help you rock the device back and forth while fluttering the airport. An innovative and thoughtful design addition.


Finless Tip Design With Better Thermal Mass

This new finless design on the tip allows you to easily get a one cycle extraction from your dry herb material if you so desire. You can also go old-school and get your slow n’ low ritual in as well and take your time with the heating. Also, you can use the many different heating techniques when experimenting with your DynaVap. As George said in his interview with Troy and Jerry on YouTube, “heat the tip for a tasty terpy hit, heat the base to go to space, heat below the base to melt your face."


Giving Metal Texture

The texture reminds us of a natural wood bark or a stick/branch which sort of gives the "M" Plus a very uncommon yet satisfying texture when in hand. You can tell that the quality and machining is top notch. High tech & American made - right out of good-old Wisconsin. 


Heat The Base To Melt Your Face

When "heating the base to melt your face", it is said that there’s less of a need to spin your DynaVap "M" Plus. So if you like to keep it simple and stationary, this is a great feature. The "M" Plus comes with a captive cap and new packaging.

I did not notice the name of the vaporizer on the packaging. Maybe there is a reason for that and the name will appear later. 


Best "M" Yet

This is our favorite "M" iteration to date - not only is the "M" Plus visually unique & the easiest to hold, due to the texture, but it also has the best air to vapor quality and can do a one-hit extraction without the need for a special cap - just like the Armored Cap that was just released. The "M" Plus also has the biggest bowl of any DynaVap "M" tip yet. 15% larger by volume. The half bowl position is a fantastic option to have as well...

Micro-dosing Beast

One of the greatest things about the DynaVap line of vaporizers is the efficiency of being able to use the half bowl position. You’d be hard-pressed to find a smaller bowl that can deliver such a robust and satisfying vape session like the Microdosing DynaVap can. The "M" Plus is DynaVap’s flag ship vaporizer, and you can tell a lot of thought and time was put into the "M" Plus’ new updated 2023 design. Available March 30th 2023, and we will be happy to ship one right to your door. Pre-order HERE for 11% off.

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