AUXO: Oil & Herb Offerings

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AUXO: Oil & Herb Offerings

Vaping accessories are getting smarter. The Auxo Cenote Smart Rig brings app connectivity and temperature precision to dabbing, while the Auxo Calent employs convection heating for smooth dry herb sessions. These innovative devices offer unique features to enhance the vaping experience.

The Auxo Cenote Rig (shown above) optimizes temperature control for low-temp dabs that preserve terpenes and flavors. Connect the included Bluetooth module to the Cenote app and choose from 10 preset temperatures between 450-750°F. The app allows monitoring of real-time temperature, session timer, and usage stats. This smart rig thinks for you, automatically modifying heating to reach the set point rapidly and hold a steady temp.

Built on a heavy-duty borosilicate glass frame, the Cenote has a flat base for stability. The 20mm quartz banger has thick walls for even heating. A directional airflow carb cap improves vapor intake. The Cenote powers up in 30 seconds for quick dabs on demand. Charge by USB-C.

AUXO Calent Dry Herb Vaporizer

For dry herb fans, the Auxo Calent (shown above) leverages full convection heating. Most vapes use conduction, where the material directly contacts a hot surface. Convection blows hot air through the material, avoiding combustion and evenly vaporizing herbs. The Calent's convection oven optimizes flavor and smoothness.

This pocketable vape features a glass lined ceramic chamber that fits 0.5 grams. Three temperature settings reach 390, 410, or 430°F. TheCalent's isolated air path and stainless steel mouthpiece keep vapor cool and pure. It has one-button operation for ease of use. Fast heat up gets you vaping in under a minute. Swap out batteries for continuous sessions.

Both the Auxo Cenote and Calent provide thoughtful design and functionality. The Cenote Rig makes dabbing effortless with smart temperature control, while the Calent vape preserves terpenes through isolated convection heating. These cutting-edge devices could take your sessions to the next level.

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