The 2021 Omni by DynaVap

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  • Newly updated Omni Vaporizer by DynaVap
  • Adjustable bowl size and airflow
  • No need for batteries with this nearly indestructible manual Vaporizer
  • Very efficient so you save money on product in the end
  • Get huge rips with the adjustable bowl that fits .05 - .1g
  • Reaches desired temperature anywhere from 5-10 seconds
  • Approximately 4.25 inches in length making it easily one of the smallest most portable Vaporizers on the planet
  • Twin airports on the angled rocker so you can adjust the airflow with your fingers
  • The best vaporizer for off grid living 
  • 9 fin heating tip and contoured chamber
  • Titanium mid-section
  • Captive cap
  • Omni-Xl condenser
  • One of a kind thermal extraction device
  • Visual airflow adjustments