Revelry The Stowaway Smell Proof Toiletry Bag

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Revelry introduces The Stowaway Smell Proof Toiletry Bag, blending functionality with discreet design for those on the go. Measuring 11 inches by 6 inches, this pouch is not just any toiletry bag. It's equipped with 5-layer protection to keep odors contained, making it ideal for storing pipes and other essentials without drawing attention. The water-resistant canvas exterior ensures durability and protection against the elements, while the padded interior safeguards your items from damage. An interior divider helps organize contents efficiently. Leather hand strap and accents add a touch of luxury, and with multiple color options available, you can choose the one that best suits your style.

Key Features:

  • 5-Layer Protection: Ensures odors are kept inside, providing discretion for your travels.
  • Water-Resistant Canvas Exterior: Offers durability and resistance to moisture.
  • Padded Interior: Protects pipes and other fragile items from bumps and scratches.
  • Interior Divider: Allows for efficient organization of your belongings.
  • Leather Hand Strap & Accents: Enhance the bag's aesthetic and functionality.
  • Multiple Color Options: Choose from a variety of colors to match your personal taste.

Consideration: To maintain the effectiveness of the smell-proof feature, ensure the bag is zipped closed properly after each use.

Summary: Revelry's The Stowaway Smell Proof Toiletry Bag is the perfect companion for travelers seeking discretion and protection for their essentials. Its robust construction, combined with innovative smell-proof technology and stylish design, makes it a must-have for anyone looking to keep their items secure and odor-free on the move. Choose your color and travel with confidence, knowing your belongings are well-protected and discreetly stored.