Battpak - 10,000mAh Power Bank & Travel Safe by Octave

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This Massive 10,000mAh Battery Power Bank by Octave is a Secret Compartment, Card Holder, Travel Safe, and Universal Charger. It features an "adult proof" button that allows you to open the secret stash compartment. It has a wallet for your credit cards, cash, and papers. The Battpak has a strap that will hold your stash, make-up, whatever you want to keep private!

It also contains a sleek stainless steel magnetic tray. This allows you to magnetize loose articles so they will not shake around inside, and provides a clean, contained surface for your convenience. 

Great for travel, concerts, vacations, and music festivals. Charge your cellphone anywhere and stash what you want on-the-go. 

Features & Specs.

  • Includes a 3-way USB/Type-C/USB mini cord.
  • Highest Quality 10,000 mAh Battery.
  • Custom pcba circuit board for universal charging.
  • USB and USB type-C outputs.
  • USB type-C Input.
  • Fire retardant polycarbonate housing.
  • Hand stitched vegan leather wallet.
  • High definition laser etched OCTAVE pattern.

 What's in the Box.

  • 1x - 10,000 mAh Battery.
  • 1x - Vegan leather wallet.
  • 1x - 3-way USB/Type-C/USB mini cord.