Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber - Unleash the Power of High-Capacity E-Rig Technology

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Revolutionary Design

The Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber is the world's first high-capacity e-rig chamber, delivering unparalleled flavor and consistency.

Bigger and Better

  • 78% Larger Bowl: Load fuller and rip harder.
  • 2x More Vapor: Generates twice as much vapor as standard 3D chambers.

Enhanced Control

Unlock a new level of vapor control with the Puffco Connect app, featuring an exclusive "XL" Vapor Control setting.

Less Maintenance

The deeper chamber means less reclaim in your airpath, reducing the time spent on cleaning.


  • Requires updated firmware
  • Compatible with all Peak Pro models
  • XL Joystick Cap only compatible with 3DXL Chamber

What's Included:

  • Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber
  • XL Joystick Cap