Goat AITH v.1 Herb Grinder | Premium 2.2" 4-Piece Grinder

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  • 2.2-Inch Diameter
  • 4-Piece Herb Grinder
  • Ergonomic, Non-Slip Handle
  • 4fl oz Mason Jar Storage Compartment
  • Angled Cutting Teeth
  • Removable Sifter
  • Matching Packaging
  • Includes Cleaning Brush
  • Multiple Color Options
  • 6063 Aluminum Thread on Glass
  • Off-Center Center Post Design
  • 3D Sifter with Multiple Mesh Sizes

Product Description:

Introducing the Goat AITH v.1 Herb Grinder, a premium 2.2" 4-piece grinder designed to revolutionize your herb grinding experience. Crafted with precision and innovation, this grinder offers superior performance and unparalleled consistency.

  • 2.2-Inch Diameter: Compact yet powerful, the 2.2-inch diameter ensures a perfect grind every time.
  • 4-Piece Herb Grinder: Includes a grinding chamber, sifter, and storage compartment, making it ideal for comprehensive grinding and storage needs.
  • Ergonomic, Non-Slip Handle: The top grinder features an ergonomic handle for superior grip, ensuring it won't get stuck during use.
  • 4fl oz Mason Jar Storage Compartment: Comes with a 4fl oz Mason jar storage compartment with a silicone shade, perfect for storing your freshly ground herbs.
  • Angled Cutting Teeth: Engineered with angled cutting teeth for efficient and consistent grinding.
  • Removable Sifter: The removable sifter offers versatility, allowing you to use it for finer grinds or steeping tea.
  • Matching Packaging: Comes with matching packaging, making it a great gift option.
  • Includes Cleaning Brush: The package includes a cleaning brush for easy maintenance.
  • Multiple Color Options: Available in multiple color options to suit your style.
  • 6063 Aluminum Thread on Glass: The thicc 6063 aluminum thread on glass ensures durability and smooth operation.
  • Off-Center Center Post Design: Say goodbye to compressed middle grind with the revolutionary off-center center post design, providing unparalleled consistency and flavor.
  • 3D Sifter with Multiple Mesh Sizes: The 3D Sifter comes in three different mesh sizes for finer grinds, catching all your grinds in the 4oz OG Logo Jars.

Maintaining the Goat AITH v.1 Herb Grinder is simple. No need for special ingredients or chemicals. Just fill the jar with rubbing alcohol, let it soak for 10-15 minutes, rinse, and scrub with the included brush. Your grinder will be as good as new.

Upgrade your grinding experience with the Goat AITH v.1 Herb Grinder. Experience the perfect blend of innovation, convenience, and style.