GHOST Vapes MV1 Vaporizer

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  • PURE convection smart technology
  • On demand vaporization
  • Sturdy design
  • Smart vape with bluetooth
  • Control your temperature
  • Long battery life
  • No hard pulling. Easy air flow
  • Unique design and popular among vaporizer enthusiast like Vape Critic and Sneaky Pete
  • Comes with an app for your phone



From Ghost Vapes:



Thanks to its advanced patented Heat Exchanger, The MV1 is the only vaporizer that can go from a standing start to your selected temperature in a matter of seconds while holding it there precisely for the longest of vapes.

Our On-Demand technology ensures that the removable crucible remains cool between vapes, preventing material degradation and allowing for multiple sessions, while saving money at the same time.


The on-demand full convection MV1 is the only vaporizer that can go from a standing start to your ideal temperature in just seconds, while maintaining the selected temperature for the entire duration of the longest of vapes. Our proprietary technology delivers pure, cool vapor every time. Quality is evident in all aspects of the MV1, whether it be the high-grade alloy case, the ultra-efficient heat exchanger or the laboratory-grade vapor path & revolutionary heat sink.



Our high capacity removable battery pack provides massive power, safely and efficiently thanks to its own dedicated circuit board.

The Industry leading performance of the GHOST MV1 provides significantly more sessions between charges than any other product, so frequent daily charging is now a distant memory for serious vaping enthusiasts.

The revolutionary heat exchanger and heat sink work together to make the MV1 more efficient than conventional products. Maximising efficiency and reducing overall power consumption, further increases the battery life between charges.




Built to Medical Device Standards the GHOST MV1 stands out from the crowd. All component parts have been custom designed and engineered to extreme tolerances making the MV1 the safest, best performing product on the market and a pleasure to use for years to come.



Our proprietary custom engineered and removable battery pack comes with embedded technology in the form of an electronic management chip, to safely handle the massive power required for the MV1's industry leading performance.

Infrequent charging is the new normal with the GHOST MV1 - outperforming every other product in the market



We're committed to providing a vaping experience like no other but we know that one size doesn't fit all, so the GHOST App puts you in control with a host of great features.

Our handy dashboard provides quick access to your optimum temperature settings. For security and peace of mind we give you 'Lock my Vape'; get the latest updates and when you share the GHOST Vapes experience, we'll reward you both generously with our 'Refer A Friend' program, which we'll be introducing very soon.



The exclusive use of medical and food grade materials, combined with true convection, no possibility of charring or combustion and our proprietary heat sink, delivers cool vapor of the highest purity every session.

No other product is capable of faithfully retaining the flavor profiles of your favorite herbs quite like the GHOST MV1.



With your MV1, you'll get a USB Charge Cable & Accessories Pack which includes:

Quick Start Guide / 1 x Spare Crucible with Lid / 1 x Concentrate Pad / 3 x Picks / 3 x Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes / 3 x Cleaning Buds.