Arizer AIR SE

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Introducing the Arizer Air SE Portable Vaporizer...

Here are the key differences between the Arizer AIR SE and the original Arizer AIR:

  • Upgraded hybrid heating system produces thicker, richer vapor 
  • Improved battery life - up to 3 hours per charge vs 90 minutes for original model
  • Faster heat up time thanks to included pre-heat function 
  • 5 precise temperature settings up to 210°C allow more customization
  • Enhanced airflow for smoother, less restricted draws 
  • New digital display clearly shows temps and battery levels
  • Durable carrying case included for portability 
  • Borosilicate glass mouthpiece replaces plastic mouthpiece
  • Ultra compact size - easily fits in your pocket

The Arizer Air SE, the newest addition to Arizer's award-winning Air vaporizer line has a powerful yet pocket-sized vaporizer delivers cool, rich, flavorful vapor in a sleek and discreet package.

The Air SE builds on the wildly popular original Air model, retaining the same precise temperature control, all-glass vapor path, and replaceable batteries while adding new features for enhanced performance. An upgraded heating system produces even thicker clouds of vapor, while the borosilicate glass stem and mouthpiece keep the vapor cool and smooth.

The Air SE is extremely easy to use. Just load up the glass stem with your favorite dry herb, select your ideal temperature with the preset buttons, and enjoy smooth, satisfying draws. The digital display lets you monitor temperature and battery levels.

Cleaning and maintenance are also simple with the Air SE. The glass parts can be easily detached and cleaned after sessions, keeping your vapor pure and hygienic. Replacement parts are readily available if needed.

With outstanding vapor quality, portability, and ease of use, the Arizer Air SE is perfect for vaping enthusiasts who want a high-performance vaporizer they can take anywhere. Its refined design and premium materials make it a pleasure to use and own.

If you're looking for a vaporizer that delivers consistency, purity, and convenience in a compact form, the Air SE is the ideal choice. Order today from our online store and step up your vaping experience!