Puffco Proxy Ripple

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  • Stable Design: Crafted with a low center of gravity for unmatched stability on any table surface.
  • Ripple Effect: Showcases a beautiful ripple design at the base of the stem, enhancing its visual appeal.
  • Dual Perc Holes: Expertly placed to reduce splashback, ensuring a clean and uninterrupted hit every time.
  • Water-Filtered Hits: Optimized for superior filtration, delivering a smooth and purified inhalation experience.
  • Color Variants: Choose from two tranquil colorways - Sea and Sage, to match your personal aesthetic.
  • Compatibility: Specially designed for the Puffco Proxy, offering a seamless fit and flawless functionality.

The Puffco Proxy Ripple redefines the vaping experience with its innovative design that focuses on both stability and functionality. This accessory isn't just a piece of vaping equipment; it's a sophisticated addition that complements your lifestyle. The ripple design doesn't only catch the eye but also contributes to the grip and overall appeal of the device, making it an essential accessory for any environment.

With dual perc holes engineered to prevent splashback, the Proxy Ripple promises a smooth, seamless draw that enhances your session without any interruptions. The water filtration system ensures each hit is purified and gentle, providing a satisfying experience that's kind on the throat yet potent in delivery.

Available in Sea and Sage colorways, the Proxy Ripple allows you to express your style while maintaining the functionality and quality you expect from Puffco accessories. Each color has been carefully chosen to add a touch of elegance to your vaping setup, ensuring the Proxy Ripple is not just a tool but an integral part of your daily routine.

Designed exclusively for the Puffco Proxy, this accessory ensures a perfect match in both design and operation. Transform your vaping sessions with the Puffco Proxy Ripple—where design, functionality, and quality come together seamlessly.


*Does not come with Puffco Proxy.*