The Wand - Portable Induction Heater

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25% off at checkout! Heat your DABS and DRY HERB without a flame! The amazing portable battery powered WAND. eNail dab kit for on the go. eNail induction heater technology. Select your desired temperature and make sure you get the perfect experience every-time you sesh!

Comes with 2x borosilicate glass bangers. The WAND will heat the glass bangers to a precise temperature. Once it is a the correct temperature you can place the concentrates in the bangers to get a satisfying draw. Or vape your dry herb. Hits like a charm!

Charged via USB-C. Safety features built in. 5 Clicks on and off. 450F-800F. Monster hits. Very efficient. Your new favorite way to dab and vaporize herb, so much fun! A complete game changer. The WAND should not get hot. Compatible with most rigs/bongs. Pairs well with any DynaVap!

Replaceable 18650 batteries. Upgradeable software. 

The WAND can also heat your DynaVap portably, without a torch!


Come with:

1x User manual

1x The Wand

1x Angled banger

1x Straight banger

2x Inner cup

1x Carb cap

1x USB-C Charging cable